Wound Care

Our Nurses are well trained and experienced in wound management, the healing process, and the selection and use of effective wound products and devices.

Our aim is to promote patient’s comfort, meliorate healing time, improve patient outcomes and recuperate from present condition while preventing occurrence of complications.

We have services that can be provided to assist patients with wounds and require stoma care. These include:

  • Evidence-based treatment protocols for specific types of wounds and stoma
  • Patient education regarding self-monitoring of signs and symptoms of possible complications, how to manage the wound in case of emergency and how to prevent future wounds from occurring
  • Counseling on diets that can promote wound healing and activities appropriate to the patient’s condition to prevent wound related debilities.
  • Open communication and collaboration with the patient’s treating physician regarding the patient’s progress in healing as well as treatment options for wounds that are difficult to heal.

We also assist wound care dressings for Recto Perineal Fistulas, Pilonidal Disease, Colocutaneous Fistulas, Diabetic Ulcerations, Pressure Ulcer & Presence of Vacuum Assisted Closure.