In-Home Laboratory & Diagnostics

In-home Laboratory

With Nightingale Home Health Care, get access to an array of clinical tests and routine procedures with our In-Home Laboratory and Diagnostic Services.

In partnership with the National Reference Laboratory, our Home Health Care professionals will carefully take samples from our clients such as blood, urine, body fluids or culture and efficiently deliver them to our partner laboratory to help screen, diagnose and evaluate your condition.

Depending on what information your Doctor may require, Our Team of experts in (ECG) Electrocardiogram and Echocardiogram will be with you across all setups to determine and report irregularities in your heart activity and function.

Rest assured that accurate results are handed to your doctor with the shortest turn-around time.

Whether you have difficulty associated with hospital and clinic visits or just leaving home is least preferred, Nightingale Home Health Care in collaboration with the National Reference Laboratory offers an extensive range of Laboratory and Diagnostic Services that is unmatched in the region ready to support you with quality and measurable results at home.