Nightingale Home Health Care

Nightingale Home Health Care is Your Homecare Provider of Choice.

At the heart of who we are is the standard set by the pioneer of nursing care, Florence Nightingale. Headquartered in the center of Abu Dhabi with offices in Al Ain and Al Gharbia, We help patients achieve optimal health, receive clinical treatment and attain integrated healthcare in the comfort of your home.

Licensed in early 2014, Nightingale Home Health Care delivers a comprehensive range of integrated medical treatments and allied health services including but not limited to Home Physiotherapy, Wound & Stoma Care, Respiratory Assessment, Neonatal & Pediatric Management, Elderly Care, Post-Operative Recovery and International patient care to meet the homecare needs of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Following the standards set by the Health Authority –Abu Dhabi, Our team of professionals is HAAD accredited, highly trained in clinical care with post graduate degrees, certified with life support licenses (basic, advance & pediatric) and extensive experience in the provision of quality and efficient medical services.

At Nightingale Home Health Care, we recognize your family, celebrate your independence, and safeguard your privacy. We individualize health care treatments through an Electronic Health Information System for accurate documentation and patient confidentiality.

Nightingale Home Health Care is always here for you. We are the homecare of the future, today.