Business Purpose

The Ethical Code of Conduct applies to all NHHC employees, clients and stakeholders. High standards are set and aspire to meet these principles in all aspects of our lives at work, at home, and in service to our profession. We are committed to doing what is right and honorable.

The purpose of this Ethical Code of Conduct is to instill confidence in our profession. We believe that we can advance our profession, both individually and collectively by embracing this Ethical Code of Conduct. We also believe that this will assist us in making sensible decisions particularly when encountered with complex situations where we may be asked to compromise our integrity and values.

Values that Supports this Code

The values that NHHC defined as most important were: integrity, commitment, respect, teamwork, compassion and efficiency. This code affirms these six values as its foundation.

NHHC employees are interconnected by our mission and values. We welcome diversity, open and honest in our interactions, and creation of an environment of collaboration and inclusion. We treat everyone with dignity and respect, and comply with all laws relating to employment rights.

Our clients are the reason we exist and they rely on us to listen and provide solutions that will help them succeed. To earn and maintain their trust, we are committed to doing business fairly, honestly, legally and ethically wherever we operate in the world.

We believe that being a responsible corporate citizen is central to our purpose and values, allowing us to inspire trust among our business partners and motivate Employees to make the right choices for our business, our communities and our planet.

Ownership and Accountability

When we make errors, we take ownership and make corrections promptly. When we discover errors or omissions caused by others, we communicate them to the appropriate personnel as soon they are discovered. We accept accountability for any issues resulting from our errors or omissions and any resulting consequences. Decisions are made and actions are taken on the best interests of society, public safety, and the environment.

Raising Concerns

NHHC employees can ask questions and raise concerns without fear of retaliation, secure in the knowledge that their report will be treated seriously, fairly and promptly. Immediately report suspected unethical, illegal or suspicious behavior. Talk to or a member of management or contact Human Resources Department to report your concern confidentially or anonymously, where the law allows. NHHC does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who makes a report of suspected misconduct or otherwise assists with an investigation or audit.

Investigation Process

Our commitment with integrity requires that we take all credible reports of suspected misconduct seriously, investigate them fairly and confidentially, and take appropriate corrective action where warranted.

The Human Resource Officer is responsible for overseeing all internal investigations of suspected ethics and compliance-related misconduct, including violations of law, or our code of conduct and related policies in a manner that is lawfully, promptly, professionally, fairly and confidentially. Employees involved in internal investigations shall be treated with dignity and respect.

All employees are expected to cooperate in internal investigations, audits, accounting reviews or directions from NHHC’s top management in connection with lawsuits or government investigative proceedings.

Searches of company-provided physical and information technology resources may be required and retaliation will not be tolerated against any team member who cooperates in these kinds of company activities.

After an investigation is completed, appropriate disciplinary and other corrective action will be taken when warranted by the facts. NHHC may, in appropriate cases and subject to applicable local law, notify government authorities and cooperate with any resulting prosecution or other government action.

Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity

With diverse workforce made up of employees who bring a wide variety of skills, abilities, experiences and perspectives is essential to our success. We are committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity, inclusion and respect. There is no discrimination against anyone including employees, clients, business partners or other stakeholders on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, marital status, etc. as long as legally authorized to work in the UAE.

Report suspected discrimination right away and never retaliate against anyone who raises a report that unlawful discrimination has occurred.


Respect is our duty to show a high regard for ourselves, others, and the resources entrusted to us. Resources entrusted to us may include people, money, reputation, the safety of others, and natural or environmental resources. An environment of respect creates trust, confidence, and performance excellence by fostering mutual cooperation, an environment where diverse perspectives and views are encouraged and valued.

Intellectual property such as trade secrets, patents, unique ideas and inventions, creative works and trademarks, are valuable information assets. We protect our intellectual property and respect the intellectual property of others.

An implication of these provisions is that we avoid engaging in gossip and avoid making negative remarks to undermine another person’s reputation. We also have a duty under this code to confront others who engage in these types of behaviors. We listen to others’ points of view, seeking to understand them and approach directly those persons with whom we have a conflict or disagreement.


Our employees devote their time, talents and energy to achieve our purpose and they deserve to be compensated fairly for their efforts. We comply with all applicable laws concerning pay, benefits and working conditions. NHHC ensure that employees are paid accurately and in accordance with applicable legal requirements and NHHC policies.

Preventing Harassment

All NHHC employees should be able to do their jobs in a safe and respectful environment without fear of harassment. Harassment includes actions, language, written materials or objects that are directed or used in a way that undermines or interferes with a person’s work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

All forms of harassing conduct are prohibited at NHHC, including unwanted sexual advances, invitations or comments, visual displays such as derogatory or sexually-oriented pictures or gestures, physical conduct including assault or unwanted touching, or threats or demands to submit to sexual requests as a condition of employment or to avoid negative consequences. Harassing conduct will not be tolerated.

Non-violent Workplace

A workplace free of violence, weapons and other disruptive behavior keeps employees safe and able to concentrate fully on their jobs.

Observe politeness and respectful at all times. Any disagreements with a colleague or other person at work, try to resolve it calmly. Never bully, threaten, intimidate or harm another person or their property through either verbal behavior (written or oral) or non-verbal behavior (such as gestures or expressions). This policy applies to anyone who enters NHHC office, which includes buildings, parking lots, walkways and patients home.

Drug-free and Alcohol-free Workplace

We are committed to a drug-free and alcohol-free workplace. Alcohol, illegal drugs and controlled substances can adversely affect safety, productivity, attitude, reliability and judgment. They have no place in the workplace. Employees are prohibited from consuming or being under the influence of alcohol, or possessing, distributing or being under the influence of illegal drugs while working, operating NHHC equipment (including company vehicles) or engaging in NHHC business.

Responsible Communication

Our communications help us connect with each other, our clients and other stakeholders. What we say reflects who we are and what we stand for. We should always communicate in ways that demonstrate our values, further our purpose and enhance our reputation and brand. Being careful on how we talk to others especially in any form of written communication, which includes electronic and online communications such as email, instant messaging, online chats, blogs or posts on social networking sites and be objective and professional at all times by avoiding offensive, inflammatory or aggressive language, as well as anything that would embarrass or disparage the company and its management.

Misstatements, even if inadvertent can put you and NHHC at serious risk. Do not exaggerate, make broad generalizations, speculate about matters with legal significance or make statements that could be taken out of context. Do not send emails to people who do not have a legitimate need to receive them. Unless explicitly authorized to speak on behalf of NHHC, employee must make it clear that your personal views are yours alone and do not reflect NHHC’s views or represent an official company position.

When speaking on NHHC’s behalf, carefully managed to ensure accuracy, fairness and compliance with legal requirements, as well as to protect our reputation and ensure consistency with our purpose and values. Only authorized individuals can communicate the company’s official position on certain topics such as financial performance, strategic business plans, legal matters and public policy issues.

Health and Safety

We conduct business in accordance with applicable health and safety requirements and strive for continuous improvement in this regard. Employees are expected to perform their work in compliance with the health and safety laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Employees working at patient’s home must also follow their health and safety requirements. Immediately report workplace injuries, illnesses or unsafe conditions including “near-misses.” Timely reporting may help prevent others from being injured.

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest can occur when our personal activities, investments or associations compromise our judgment or ability to act in NHHC’s best interests. NHHC Employees need to understand and avoid the types of situations that can give rise to conflicts of interest. To help protect NHHC’s interests, always disclose any of your relationships, associations or activities that could create actual or potential conflicts of interest to your Department Head and Human Resources Officer.

If one of employees’ family members or someone with whom you have a significant personal relationship also works at NHHC, make sure that all your actions and decisions are made in NHHC’s best interests, and not because of your personal or family relationships.

Employees must not use NHHC equipment or resources (including confidential information or intellectual property, or that of our clients and other third parties) in connection with outside activities, and ensure they don’t jeopardize productivity or ability to perform duties for NHHC.

Never engage in any outside employment or other activity that competes with NHHC, violates your confidentiality or other obligations to NHHC, or that is illegal, immoral or would otherwise reflect negatively on NHHC. Always select vendors and business partners who will serve NHHC’s best interests.

Theft and Fraud

Theft and fraud are crimes and will not be tolerated. We all know what theft is taking something that doesn’t belong to you without permission. It can include physically taking something like money or property, or it can be done through other means like forgery, embezzlement and fraud. Fraud is a type of theft by deception. It involves making someone believe (by words or conduct or by concealing important information) something that isn’t true, with the intent of having them take (or refrain from taking) some action in reliance on the misrepresentation with the result that they suffer economic harm.

Giving / Accepting Gifts and Entertainment

We comply with all legal requirements pertaining to giving and receiving gifts and entertainment. Gift giving and entertaining among business partners can be appropriate ways to show appreciation, develop deeper understanding and build goodwill but it can also create the perception that business decisions are made because of these benefits and not on the basis of fair and objective criteria. The legal requirements relating to business gifts and entertainment are complex, and employees need to use sound judgment, comply with the law, and never allow gifts, entertainment or other personal benefits to influence our decisions or undermine the integrity of our business relationships.

Employees should never solicit or accept tangible or intangible personal benefits of any kind that are given in exchange for securing NHHC business or providing favorable business terms, or that might create or give the appearance of creating a sense of obligation on your part with regard to the giver. Never accept gifts or entertainment that are illegal, immoral or would reflect negatively on NHHC. Employee should politely decline gifts or entertainment that do not comply with this or more restrictive policies.

Information Technology and Company Resources

Secure and reliable information technology resources are essential to the operation of our business. We have a responsibility to comply with proper safeguards and abide by NHHC policy at all times when using these and other NHHC resources. Employees are provided with facilities, furniture, supplies, equipment and information technology resources to help them perform their work for NHHC and employees need to use and maintain them carefully and protect them from theft, loss, damage, waste and abuse.

Employees use NHHC resources including information technology resources. Inappropriate use would include such things as engaging in illegal activity, viewing pornography and hacking. NHHC reserves the right to monitor the use of its resources, including its information technology resources. Where permitted by local law, your use of the resources constitutes consent to such monitoring. Keep our information technology resources safe from viruses, malicious software programs and intrusion attempts by following all information security policies. Unauthorized installation of software, applications, hardware or storage devices on issued computer or other device, access to NHHC’s network via unauthorized applications or devices are prohibited. Creating a strong password and not sharing it with anyone is highly advised. The employee is responsible for all activity performed with your individually assigned user ID.

Information Retention Management

Information and documentation is an important asset and managing it appropriately can be a competitive advantage for NHHC. Employee is responsible for the appropriate protection, management and disposition of NHHC information in accordance with NHHC policies and standards.

Certain NHHC business, transactional and other information must be retained for a period of time in accordance with applicable retention requirements and storage in approved electronic or physical locations. Properly dispose of all NHHC information that is no longer needed for business operations and has satisfied its retention requirements as long as the information is not subject to a preservation directive.

Confidential Information

NHHC confidential information, including intellectual property like trade secrets, is a tremendously valuable asset that differentiates us from our competitors and must be protected. Every NHHC team member is responsible for the appropriate protection of these important assets. “Confidential information” is a term used to describe important or valuable business information belonging to NHHC that is not generally available to the public.

Travel and Entertainment

Responsible business travel and entertainment enhances our profitability and reputation. Employees are expected to truthfully, accurately and completely record travel and entertainment expenses. Use NHHC funds only for legitimate business purposes and don’t spend more than necessary. Compliance with company policies regarding the use of corporate credit cards, preferred travel vendors, necessary management approvals, receipts, expense reports and other travel-related matters are expected from NHHC employees.

Compliance with Goverment Requirements

We comply with all laws, regulations and contractual requirements relating to government processes and behave legally and ethically in connection with every customer relationship or commercial transactions.

Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption

Corruption impedes the development of trustworthy markets and NHHC do not tolerate bribery or corruption, regardless of where we are located or where we do business. Never provide anything of value that could be perceived as a payment in order to obtain or retain business with NHHC, direct business to NHHC or others, or otherwise obtain an improper business advantage with a government official.

Regardless of local practices or competitive intensity, employees must avoid even the appearance of bribery when dealing with any individual, including government officials, other company and officials of international organizations.

Environmental Aspects

Our interest in the environment goes beyond the mandates of governmental regulation. We engage our employees, business partners, clients and others in finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of our and our clients’ operations so future generations can prosper. NHHC are environmentally responsible in the design and provision of our services, and in the operation of our facilities, selection of suppliers and other business activities. We comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations as well as our voluntary commitments to sustainable practices and environmental protection.

Human Rights

All human beings should be treated with dignity and respect. NHHC has created programs reasonably designed to ensure that all employees are doing so under their own free will and are being compensated in accordance with applicable laws.