• Nightingale Elderly Care
    Nightingale Elderly Care
    Nightingale Elderly Care
  • Nightingale CARF accredited
    When care is measurable,
    accountable and of the
    highest quality.
    Nightingale Home Health Care is officially
    accredited by CARF.
  • Nightingale Elderly Care
    The same great experience everytime.
    Nightingale Elderly Care
    Your Homecare Provider of Choice is ISO Certified.
    Here is where standards are.
  • Nightingale SKEA
    Nightingale Home Health Care
    is the first and only homecare in the region to receive
    the prestigious Silver Recognition in the 15th cycle of
    Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award.
  • High caliber healthcare professionals
    High-caliber Healthcare
    committed to delivering international
    standards of patient care
  • Nightingale Physiotherapists
    World-Class Physical
    Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Focused on You
    Right where You are
  • Nightingale coverage
    Bringing quality
    healthcare services
    In the comfort of your home
Office Hours
  • Saturday - Thursday
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Friday
Where We Are
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Al Ain
  • Al Gharbia
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Nightingale Home Health Care

At the heart of who we are is the standard set by the pioneer of nursing care, Florence Nightingale. We help patients achieve optimal health, receive clinical treatment and attain integrated health care in the comfort of home.

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Nightingale Nurses

Our Services

Clinical Services

Doctor For You
In-home Laboratory and Diagnostic

Skilled Nursing Services

Elderly Care
Newborn & Pediatric Care
Maternity Care
Wound Care
Post-Operative Care
Diabetes Management
Respiratory Care
Urinary Catheter
International Patient Care

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Home Physiotherapy
Home Respiratory Therapy
Nightingale Staff

Why Choose Us?

At Nightingale Home Health Care, Your experience matters. At the heart of everything we do is You. With a history to celebrate and services that make a difference, We are a trusted partner for all your homecare needs.

Nightingale’s unique blend of premier home health care and community based services are designed with you in mind. We are committed to delivering international standards of patient care with official recognition from CARF, SKEA and ISO.

Professional knowledge is not enough. Our academic arm, the Nightingale Training Center provides our team continuous development and competency evaluation like no other to give you only the best of home health care with integrity, commitment, compassion and respect.

We listen. Because we know your time is valuable, we act fast to resolve your concern. Our friendly staff will assist or direct you immediately to the person who can help. Ask Away.